Richmond, BC


Experienced Samsung Repair Service in Richmond, BC

Are you an owner of a Samsung Galaxy?  At JP Cellular Repair Inc our research over the past two years, we determined in a table of 10 people at dinner, at least 7 of them holds a Samsung Galaxy.  So chances are, you are one of them since the Galaxy S2 came out in 2011. Time flies and things happen for example dropping your phone on the ground or spill water, coffee or even soup onto it. Rest assured that JP is the man to save your phone. Physical and liquid damages are the 2 main problems your manufacturer warranty WILL NOT cover but at JP Cellular Repair Inc we can help!  We have close to 10 years of experience in handling physically and liquid damaged phones and our success rate is close to 90%.  Do not give up on your phone whether the screen is cracked or it fell into the washing machine, if you want the best way to repair it, don’t hesitate to call JP Cellular Repair Inc right away.

Samsung Repair Experts

JP Cellular Repair Inc has expertise in fixing cracked screens on all latest Samsung Galaxy models and Galaxy Tablets as well. So if you don’t want to leave your broken one at home and would like to continue using it, JP Cellular Repair Inc in Richmond, BC can help!  Simply call us and let us know your model number and we can give you an estimate on the repair right away.  Call us today!